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1.  How to apply ?
2.  Processing of application - Steps involved.
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An application seeking prior environmental clearance for category 'B' projects located in the state of Bihar shall be made in the prescribed Form I and supplementary Form 1A, if applicable as given in the Appendix II after identification of prospective sites for the project and / or activities to which the activity relates before commencing any construction activity, or preparation of land at the site by the applicant. The applicant shall furnish along with application, a copy of the prefeasibility project report except that in case of construction projects or activities (Item 8 of the Schedule) in addition to Form I and supplementary Form 1A, a copy of the conceptual plan shall be provided instead of the prefeasibility report. The application should be addressed to the Member Secretary, SEIAA, Bihar State Pollution Control Board, Beltron Bhawan, Shastri Nagar, Patna - 800023.


Step I:
After receipt of the application, the same shall be entered in the register and a number shall be assigned to it and immediately thereafter the application shall be forwarded to the Member Secretary / Chairman, SEIAA and then to Chairman, SEAC for appraisal and recommendations as per the procedures prescribed in EIA Notification.

Step II:
The Appraisal Committee shall examine the project proposal received from MS or the Chairman, SEIAA and convey the shortcomings to the project proponent, if any.

Step III:
After receipt of the complete information, the project proponent of the respective project proposals would be required to make presentations before SEAC / SEIAA. After appraisal of the project SEAC shall send their recommendation to SEIAA.

Step IV:
After the receipt of the recommendation from SEAC as per the procedure laid down in EIA Notification dated 14/09/06. The SEIAA would take the final decision in the matter.

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